Running home, running home

For every life Forgoe the parable My knees are cold Go find another lover With all your lies, You’re still very lovable Running home, running home, running home, running home

Shop around in Portugal

Un weekend nel sud del Portogallo può regalare grandi gioie. Scorpacciate di pesce per 10 euro, clima perfetto lontano anni luce dall’arsura padana e chilometri illimitati di spiaggia pubblica (concetto, questo, pressochè inesistente in Italia). E quando meno te l’aspetti….

I feel the chaos around me

They say an end can be a start Feels like I’ve been buried yet I’m still alive It’s like a bad day that never ends I feel the chaos around me A thing I don’t try to deny I’d better learn to accept that There are things in my life that I can’t control

Two days of rain

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